WiFi mobile hard disk box 2.5 inch USB 3.0 hard disk box WIFI multifunction

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*Material: Plastic 

* Support capacity 2TB 

*Product size 145*90*21MM 

*Transport interface USB3.0 

*Transmission speed 5GMbps 

* Interface type: USB3.0 TO SATA

 * Shell material: plastic + metal

 * Size: 145*90*21MM

*USB3.0 high speed mobile hard disk box.

 *WIFI wireless storage device. 

 *Wireless Router

 *4000MAH polymer mobile power supply 

 *All support 2TB hard drive 

 *External storage devices such as USB flash drives can be read via USB   

 * This product is a wireless WIFI mobile hard disk box, is also a portable wireless router, or a mobile power supply, is a 3G to WIFI converter, this product is through the USB port or WIFI wireless network and computer for high-speed data exchange Capacity mobile storage device, this product adds WIFI wireless transmission function based on the traditional mobile hard disk, and designed a professional wireless file management software EZDisk for customers, bringing customers a more convenient experience.