T1 Bluetooth Speaker Home Portable Mobile Phone Wireless Mini Speaker

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Color classification: wood grain pink (1500 batteries), black (1500 batteries), green (1500 batteries), wood color (1500 batteries)

Unique design: The entire body of this portable Bluetooth speaker is beautifully finished. Its warm, vintage colour matches the texture of the wooden furniture around your home.

Rich sound: These exquisite Bluetooth speakers sound crisp and clear, low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency range are good, the volume control range is wide enough to fill the room or office
Wide connection: equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 for quick pairing, connecting smartphones, tablets, iPads or computers with Bluetooth devices in just a few seconds
Long play time: The compact Bluetooth speaker has “less charge, more play”, built-in lithium battery, and can play music for about 8 hours on one charge.

FM radio: Bluetooth speakers support FM and AM radio, you can listen to some stations at any time; The included micro USB cable can also be used as an antenna for good radio reception.232-(6)232-(4)