Portable HD Outdoor Bird Watcher Monocular

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HD outdoor bird listening device


Telescope specifications: 8X21 focusing telescope.
Effective observation distance: 8 meters to infinity.
Material: Optical glass lens with antireflection coating and broadband coating on the surface.
Resolution: 11~11.5” high definition.
Field of view: 7.5°.
Directional listening distance: 100 meters in the field environment.
Volume adjustment: Adjustable.
Audio frequency range: 20~20000Hz.
Waveform distortion: Less than 6%.
Sensitivity: -68~-50dB.
Recording: The SOD6 recording chip imported from the United States is used, and the solid-state recording time is 12 seconds.
Replay: Replay accuracy ≥ 0.6%.
Energy consumption: Low energy consumption design of the switch circuit, please remove the battery when not in use.
Power supply: a 9V battery. The working voltage is not less than 6V.
Host appearance: All internal and external structural parts are made of ABS engineering plastics, and the surface is black rubber non-slip paint.

Package Content:

Main unit*1, earphone*1, sound collection cover*1, lens cleaning cloth*1, desiccant*1, manual*1, qualification certificate*1