Listening button A1 Wired wireless Bluetooth headset Audio receiver Lossless converter Adaptation Universal 3.5mm Plug interface

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Note:Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models

A1 is about 5CM long and the width is about 1CM. 

4 types of wear: pendant, lavalier, rear-mounted, hanging neck

Standby time: 7 days

 Bluetooth version: 4.2 

Transmission radius: 10m

 Channel: 2 

Function: Support music

 Waterproof performance: IPX3

1. Power on/off: long press to listen to health for 4 seconds

 2. Play/pause music: When playing music, press 1 button 

3. Call out the phone intelligent voice assistant: in the link state, press the 3 button 4. Play the next song: When playing music, press 2 down

 5. Answer/hang up the call: press the call status button

 6. Reject the call: In the state of the point, press the 2 button

 7. Headset switch phone: in the call state. Press the touch button once

 8. Interrupt the outgoing call: In the outgoing call state, press the touch button once. 

9. Re-pairing: long press the button for 7 seconds