Compatible with Apple, Mobile phone PTZ Mobile tripod handheld stabilizer fixed photography accessories

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Note:Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models

Model: Aluminum tripod
Material: Aluminum alloy
Colour: Black

适用于DJI Mobile OSMO 2手持式万向节配件的最新三脚架稳定器-1适用于DJI Mobile OSMO 2手持式万向节配件的最新三脚架稳定器-2适用于DJI Mobile OSMO 2手持式万向节配件的最新三脚架稳定器-3适用于DJI Mobile OSMO 2手持式万向节配件的最新三脚架稳定器-4适用于DJI Mobile OSMO 2手持式万向节配件的最新三脚架稳定器-8适用于DJI Mobile OSMO 2手持式万向节配件的最新三脚架稳定器-7适用于DJI Mobile OSMO 2手持式万向节配件的最新三脚架稳定器-9适用于DJI Mobile OSMO 2手持式万向节配件的最新三脚架稳定器-10适用于DJI Mobile OSMO 2手持式万向节配件的最新三脚架稳定器-5适用于DJI Mobile OSMO 2手持式万向节配件的最新三脚架稳定器-11适用于DJI Mobile OSMO 2手持式万向节配件的最新三脚架稳定器-6